Keeping A Roof Over Your Head

Atlanta, GAIf you are the owner of an Atlanta condominium, you probably give more thought to the association’s maintenance of the swimming pool, fitness center and parking lot than you do to the roof over your head. Although it may be hidden from view, the roof of your Atlanta condominium association is one of the most fundamental, and easiest to overlook, parts of the condominium. If the roof is not properly maintained, it can lead to problems that affect dozens of condominiums and even threaten the integrity of the entire building structure. If attention to detail is not paid in the early stages of a roof problem, legal problems can result, which may pose a threat to the financial stability of the building as well.

Don’t Delay Repair Roofs. Because the roof is such an integral part of your Atlanta condominium, it is imperative that boards proceed with caution when it comes to making decisions about roof maintenance and repairs. While minor repairs can be made when and as needed, replacement of an entire roof may warrant the services of an experienced architect or engineer, who can analyze structural deficiencies and make recommendations to address construction defects.

Select A Roofer Based on References. One of the biggest mistakes boards can make is to be penny wise and pound foolish about hiring roofing contractors. First, the board should not necessarily hire the contractor who gives the lowest bid, especially if it is significantly lower than the others. This can be a sign that the contractor has underbid and may not really be able to complete the job for the price quoted. Second, there is nothing to prevent the board from negotiating a better price with a firm that gave a higher bid. Third, be sure to get and check references for all contractors being considered by calling Atlanta condominium associations they have actually done work for.

Get A Written Warranty. Before hiring a firm, look at the types of warranties they offer. If your Atlanta condominium association is replacing the entire roof, the contractor will most likely install a roofing system manufactured by a roofing company, which should come with a long-term warranty. The contractor should offer its own warranty on the installation work itself. Both the manufacturer and the contractor should be checked to see how financially stable they are and whether it is likely that they will be in business down the road if and when a problem arises. Generally, the language in warranties is unchangeable; however, changes can be negotiated on occasion. It is essential to get good professional advice on the work you plan to have done, so that you are sure it will be safe and sound, and that it is the best alternative for solving the problem. The contracts for roof work should be reviewed by your Atlanta condominium management company, who is familiar with your needs and the standards in the industry. If necessary, hire a construction management to confirm that the work is done to specifications before final payment is made to the contractor.

Maximize Insurance and Minimize Liability Risk. When contracting for major roof repairs and replacements, make sure the contractor will provide adequate crews, complete the work on time and still be in business to honor warranties. Check to see that you receive certificates showing insurance of the kind and in the amounts you requested in the contract. These documents should list the same name for the contractor as is stated in the contract. Make sure you know in advance if the contractor plans to use subcontractors and understand that the use of subcontractors can be a tremendous added liability risk to the association. If any of the subcontractors’ employees are injured, they can sue the building even if the board was unaware that a subcontractor‘s employees were working there and whether or not they were insured. Subcontractors can also file mechanic’s liens against the building. These potential problems can be minimized by contract provisions either precluding the use of subcontractors altogether or allowing only those approved by the board.

Consult Your Atlanta Property Management Company. Your Atlanta condominium management company should also require the contractor to sign a Waiver of mechanics Lien before being paid to protect the association in the vent of any future claims. Overall, the best way to avoid problems is to draw on the expertise of your Atlanta condominium association management company to advise you on the work you intend to have done. Your Atlanta property management company can check the contractor’s and the manufacturer’s references. Working hand in hand with your Atlanta property management professionals will help prevent problems further down the line and keep a roof over your head.

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